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Sea Trials Doeksen Ferry Willem Barentsz

Published: 15-04-2020

After cooling down the LNG tanks earlier this March, we have now started the sea trials for the Doeksen ferry ‘Willem Barentsz.’ These trial runs will serve to thoroughly test the LNG and gas systems for the main engines, auxiliary engines and gas boiler. We are working in close cooperation with the vessel’s crew and various OEM suppliers.

We have already made it through a number of tests successfully. The MTU engines and gas boiler are running well on the LNG fuel system we designed and built in its entirety. After fine-tuning various items, we will be conducting a classification test run on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Finally, the crew will sail with the vessel for another three weeks to learn its way around the new LNG fuel system. During this period, our colleague Peter Visser will remain present on board as commissioning engineer to provide advice and support.

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