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At Marine Service Noord, we value our customers’ experience. We are eager to keep you actively informed at every stage of the project. As our customer, you are assured of superior service from the first moment of contact to the delivery of a fully operational vessel, and beyond.


Our customers can consult us at any time, even after we have delivered their project. We are happy to assist you in instructing your crew or in resolving a specific problem with your ship’s systems.


Our comprehensive value chain is our greatest advantage. We have extensive engineering, production and installation knowledge and expertise. This means that we can take care of the entire process from start to finish. Not many companies can offer their customers this level of service.

Instead of working with multiple parties, you will only deal with us. You always know exactly who to address about an issue, and can always speak to the relevant person. We employ short lines of communication and express ourselves clearly, both to each other and towards our customers.


With systems on board getting more and more complex It is good to have an expert in the loop whether it is for crew instructions or on or off site technical support. We can quickly supply spare parts and perform modifications on site. We offer these services both in the Netherlands and abroad. We will draw up an indication of the required materials, tools and time, based on a punch list.

For more information, please contact our Service and After Sales department:

Gerard Leeuwis
Tel +31 598319633
Mobile +31 641841571

Jelle de Jong
Tel +31 643091978

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