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In 2012, Chemgas approached Marine Service Noord about the design and construction of an LNG fueled inland vessel.

We set ourselves three project goals:

  1. Design a good quality LNG fuel system with full certification by Bureau Veritas.
  2. Realize the project within the set budget.
  3. Deliver the ship on schedule.


Chemgas Shipping commissioned Marine Service Noord for the following tasks:

  • Piping system design.
  • Detail engineering with 3D modeling.
  • Supplying equipment, valves and instrumentation.
  • Piping prefabrication.
  • Piping systems installation.
  • Piping systems commissioning.


There were constant trade-offs between a technically sound design and the total cost of ownership (TCO). The initial concept was very expensive, but by making smart design choices, we managed to bring down the cost. During practical testing, the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The resulting knowledge allowed us to further simplify the system, achieving even greater cost savings and improvements.

During this project, we designed and built our own LNG evaporator, gained experience with a new type of cryogenic insulation and designed sliding brackets to accommodate the LNG pipeline contraction and expansion. We also installed double walled fuel lines in the engine room to create a gas safe machinery space.

Radiographic examination of the welding for the LNG fuel pipes found virtually no imperfections.


We are proud to have achieved all three of our project goals to everyone's satisfaction. According to our customer Chemgas, the “LNG system exceeded expectations.”

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