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MV Beluga SkySails

In 2006 Shipyard Volharding requested us to assist them with the engineering, procurement and installation (EPCI) of the mechanical systems for a 9,770 DWT Multi Purpose General Cargo Vessel for shipping company Beluga Group. The vessel was the first to be equipped with wind propulsion technologies in the form of a giant computer-controlled kite rig with an area of 160 square meters.


Shipyard Volharding commissioned us for the following tasks:

  • Piping systems design
  • Detail engineering with 3D modeling
  • Supplying equipment, valves and instrumentation
  • Piping prefabrication
  • Piping systems installation
  • Piping systems commissioning

EEDI score

The vessel with new build number VG633 has an overall length of 132,2m with a beam of 15,87m and 7,73m draught. The main engine is a MaK 8M32C delivering 3,840 kW of power at 100% MCR.

The SkySails kite was tested for up to eight hours a day in winds up to force five. The system delivered a calculated saving of up to 2.5 tons of fuel per day, which equates to a 14% fuel saving. For the EEDI score, the kite gives a reduction of 91 kg Co2, the EEDI score improved by 1 gCO2/t.nm when used for 8 hours a day (30% of the time). With larger sails up to 600m², an estimated fuel saving of up to 35% is possible.