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MV Aalborg White


In February 2018 the Royal Shipyard Bodewes requested us to assist them with the engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) of the mechanical piping systems for three 4200 DWAT self-discharging cement carriers for shipping company Eureka/SMT Shipping located in Cyprus. The vessels were built under new build numbers BO708 (MV Aalborg White), BO709 (MV Kongsdal) and BO710 (MV Norden). The casco´s were built at the Ship and Steel-building yard (SAS) in Foxhol.


Royal Bodewes commissioned us for the following tasks:
• Piping system design
• Detail engineering with 3D modeling
• Supplying equipment, valves and instrumentation
• Piping prefabrication
• Piping systems installation
• Piping systems commissioning


Each vessel is a modern cement carrier with four (4) cement cargo holds. All holds can be loaded with a Lovik mechanical loading and unloading system. In the upper 2/3 of each cargo hold at center line a longitudinal perforated sloshing bulkhead is installed for stability purposes. The cargo holds are designed with flush bulkheads and without horizontal construction enabling an easy stripping and cleaning operation.

The cement carriers were designed for unrestricted worldwide navigation. The propulsion system consist of a main medium speed diesel engine coupled via a gearbox to a fixed pitch propeller in a nozzle. Auxiliary power is provided by two high speed diesel generator sets. All engines are in accordance with IMO tier II. The main engine and auxiliary engines are designed for running on marine gas oil (MGO).


We are proud to have achieved our project goals to everyone's satisfaction. Thursday 12 September 2019 the MV Norden was christened and launched at the Ship and Steel-building yard (SAS) in Foxhol. The Norden was the last of the three cement carriers Royal Bodewes built in cooperation with Eureka/SMT Shipping.