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The ‘FlexFueler001’ was delivered to Gebroeders Kooiman and Titan LNG shipyard on June 4, 2019. On June 14, the ‘FlexFueler001’ performed its first official bunkering for the MV Kvitnos, of the Norlines shipping company. Norlines is a longtime Titan LNG customer. This bunkering occurred in the port of Rotterdam. The festive christening by Titan LNG and Port of Amsterdam took place on June 26.


For this project, we handled both the mechanical and electrical installation of the LNG cargo handling systems.

Our scope of supply included the following tasks:

  • Cargo handling system design and detailed engineering
  • Procurement of equipment, valves and instrumentation
  • Piping prefabrication
  • Piping installation
  • Commissioning of the cargo handling systems


The ‘Flexfueler001’ is an LNG bunker barge (LBB) with four LNG tanks of 370m³ each. The ship will load up on LNG at the Gate terminal in Rotterdam and mainly supply ships with LNG fuel systems in the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp area (ARA).

For ship to ship bunkering, the cargo system is equipped with a small bunker connection for inland vessels and a larger bunker connection for larger vessels, such as cruise ships. Though the barge is not self-propelled, it does have diesel generator sets on board to power the cargo pumps and electrical systems.


With the delivery of the ‘FlexFueler001,’ we have made a positive contribution to the expansion of the LNG bunkering infrastructure for inland shipping and seagoing vessels in the ARA area.

Marine Service Noord wishes the 'FlexFueler001' and its crew a safe voyage.

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