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Cooling water pump skids for Marin Zero Emissions Lab

Published: 14-09-2020

Marin Zero Emissions Lab’s cooling water pump skids are ready to go. For some time now, this lab in Wageningen in the Netherlands has been working on the ‘engine room of the future.’ As experts in mechanical systems integration, we are naturally happy to be involved in this high tech project. Although Marin uses computer model simulations for many of its systems, the project also has a physical component, with actual functional mechanical systems. These mechanical systems necessitate the installation of a simulated seawater cooling system and tepid and low temperature cooling systems.


The water cooling systems we designed and developed for the Zero Emissions Lab are similar to our normal designs for ships. Assembling most of the components onto a compact skid creates a very compact system, with clearly organized parts for easy maintenance and replacements as necessary. Moreover, the efficient assembly in our Westerbroek workshop saves many hours of work on site.

This is not our first experience with piping systems for engine room simulations. Previously, we helped design and build a simulated engine room for the STC vocational institute in Rotterdam. Generally speaking, Marine Service Noord only works on maritime builds, but of course we are happy to make an exception for educational projects such as these.


Our engineers’ experience with pipe skids is extensive. We design and build compact skids for many different piping applications, including ballast water treatment skids, cooling water pump skids, Alfa Laval and Westfalia separator modules, fuel oil treatment skids, nitrogen generator skids and more.


Are you curious to know what we can do for you in the field of compact skid fabrication? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to brainstorm with you about efficient piping system designs.

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